Friday, January 20, 2006

Today, the family went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

We have a family membership, and my wife takes the kids in each week for an arts and crafts class. I should know better than to tag along, as inevitably the first thing I do is browse through their excellent bookstore.

An expensive mistake...

Now on the shelf,

A Masterpiece Reconstructed, the Hours of Louis XII Thomas Kren & Mark Evans eds. ISBN 0-89236-829-2; The J. Paul Getty Museum and The British Library, in association with the Victoria and Albery Museum

Gothic Sculpture, 1140-1300 Paul Williamson, ISBN0-300-07452-2; Yale University Press, Pelican History of Art

the Gothic Enterprise, a Guide to Undestanding the Medieval Cathedral Robert A. Scott, ISBN 0-520-24680-2; University of California Press

I also picked up "Medieval Objects in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Metalwork" from the discount bin, and the 2006 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market (ISBN 1-58297-396-2; Writers Digest Books).

I had previously gotten Gothic Architecture by Paul Frankl, from Yale University Press, Pelican History of Art, and was very pleased with it. Clear, concise, plenty of quality illustrations (though mostly small and black and white) and excellent research for my painitngs.

As soon as I'm done with one, I'll attempt my first book review for the weblog. It will probably be 'the Hours of Louis XII' as I already started reading it in the car while waiting for the family to get out of their class. The reproductions are excellent and the scholarship (being a companion book to an exhibit) looks to be of matching quality or better.

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