Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mea Culpa,

Over at the Assistant Village Idiot I commented on Dean Esmay's Art essay, pasting in the majority of my post from below.

Problem is, that wasn't the site I got the link to Mr. Esmay's post from. Needless to say, my comment had nothing to do with the post to which it is linked. Assistant Village Idiot was very gracious about it, just asking that I post a comment that actually related to his post. (Which links to an excellent piece at Albion's Seedlings talking about how language and cultural differences between Anglo and Asian culture create very different methods and focuses in our perception of the world. Go read it).

I still can't figure out where I found the link to Dean Esmay.

So, I've now commented on the blog of the 'Assistant', but I guess we know who the Head Idiot would be.



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