Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Apropos of Nothing...

My brain is weird. Strange memories and associations come, at times unbidden.

Last night, my wife started asking me about reading 19th Century literature (the oldest boy is getting to that level). With the exception of Verne and Twain, there's not much in the way of fiction from the 19th century that I remember from my youthful reading, but it got me to thinking about my high school English classes.…

...Which got me to thinking about a classmate who for a creative writing class wrote an essay, "How to Commit Suicide With Style." The essay ended with the would-be suicide retiring to Barbados with boatloads of fraudulently received insurance money.

This struck me as potentially troubling, in an ironic way, considering that the classmate who wrote the essay went on to become a CPA.

Things that make you, in hindsight, go "hmmmmmm...."

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