Friday, June 08, 2007

Strange things in jars

My brain is overloaded with the current painting project, (that, and my wife is away for the week with the baby, and I have the other kids) so no deep thought for now.

Instead, try visiting these wonderful aggregations of webby information...

Maggie's Farm Friday evening selections, or go to their homepage and scroll around.

Viking Pundit, interesting political tidbits gleaned from cyberspace, and dispensed in easily digestible portions.

the Carnival of Insanities, newly posted every Sunday by Dr. Sanity

Friday Ephemera from David Thompson. Always good for the light hearted and slightly bent.

And while you're at it, visit the MoxArgon Group, who may vaporize me at any moment for my last snarky comment there....

For the time being, here are pictures of strange things in jars, from the Harvard Museum of Natural History...with a couple of shots from the current painting at the end.

and detail shots of "Erat Iona In Ventre Piscis Tribus Diebus Et Tribus Noctibus"

Jonah (detail)

detail shot of unfinished stained glass

for more of my paintings, see Jerub-Baal Studio

all images copyright MJ Andrade, 2007

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