Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day

my Dad on the left, with the army of the occupation in Germany. Dad's writing on the back identifies the others as "Matt and Ed"

My Uncle Ernie and his favorite car.

A scene in either Germany or Austria, during the occupation.

Eisenhower in Germany, either in '47 or '48

From the end of the war in 1945 until the formation of the Federal Republic of Germany in May 1949 from the areas under control of the Western Powers (France, Britain and the US), the country remained under military control. Civilian high commissioners replaced the military governors at that time, yet the western occupation didn't officially end until 1955. Due to the cold war, West Berlin remained under Allied occupation till 1990 and the reunification of Germany.

Ending a war is not like ordering a happy meal. We are used to neat and clean endings like in the movies, but the clean-up is often long and arduous. Many think it was because of the poor handling of the aftermath of World War I that Europe went up in flames again after only twenty years (more or less).

Those who go to war for our freedom and safety, and those who fight and work to secure the peace deserve our respect and support.


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