Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An excellent post on Climate History at Done With Mirrors

It lays out the historic pattern of climate change, and makes the excellent argument that real understanding of climate is what's needed, not reactionary political posturing.

I am all for added efficiency. If someone can come up with viable and scalable replacements for our current power sources, that would be great! For instance, the internal combustion engine in the car you drive is essentially a piece of late 19th century technology, with lots of add-ons. Yes, it's built to better standards, which has help a lot, but in essence the motivating power of transportation hasn't changed much since the transition away from steam power.

So yes, I'm all for polluting less. I'm even all for saving the environment! But let's actually do something positive about it, instead of shackling the economy (for no good result) or calling for the third world to stay in perpetual poverty, just to assuage the guilt of rich baby-boomers.

Done With Mirrors' money quote, "It's a common complaint of the secular left that their opponents put dogma above science. But the underlying fallacy of much of the climate-change alarmist rhetoric is that it is the left's equivalent of creationism."

H/T Maggie's Farm

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