Friday, April 06, 2007

The Compassion...

...of the religion of peace, or maybe it’s the International Left. This one could be either or both. But compassion is the obvious underlying motivation of someone calling themselves "Crackers_Child Turkish Defacer" who today has hacked the State of Maine page of the website of The Homeschool Magazine. Wonderful compassionate four letter epithets about President Bush, and other pleasantries. I won't link to it, because it's not work safe, and is obviously not what the site is really supposed to be about. Thankfully, The Homeschool Magazine is a website for parents seeking support and information for schooling their kids, and not a site for kids themselves.

Apparently another part of the site was hacked back in February.

Oh yeh, we want to be tolerant, all cultures are morally equivalent, they only want peace, they have very strong family values, they have stronger moral values than the decadent long before these lies get called out for what they are. Both the Left and Radical Islam shout down and intimidate the truly moral and moderate members of their communities, and the rest of us all just smile and nod, grasping desperately a the illusion of peaceful co-existence.

I get pretty hacked off at cowards who think insulting families from the safety of some apartment 10,000 miles away and think that they're part of some "spiritual battle."

Come into my neighborhood and say this kind of garbage to my kids or my neighbor's kids and you'll get your spiritual battle.

Stupid punks!

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