Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm afraid the condition of the Earth is incurable

A thought about this whole Global-Warming thing. Late last Fall, I went out and bought a 5.5 horsepower snow blower. Living on a corner lot (with a driveway across the street) I had just gotten tired of all the shoveling. And so, three months later, the North Inner Suburbs of Boston finally gets two snowstorms, about two weeks apart with enough accumulation to break this thing out. The second one was an inch and a half. The only reason to actually use the machine was that I also did the walks and driveways of two neighbors. The snow blower has turned out to be an expensive, and so far useless, toy.

Yesterday, with the threat of snow followed by rain and ice, I got the bright idea to go to Home Depot and pick up a 50 lb. bag of driveway-melt. So today? Rain, all rain, washing the remaining snow and ice from the previous storms away.

On the other hand, Al Gore (you have to feel sorry for the guy) shows up in city after city this winter to preach about the coming catastrophe of global warming, only to arrive to major snowstorms and unusual cold, even in DC. It became so predictable that some wags even named it "the Gore Effect."

The Earth isn't being overtaken by global warming, the Earth has an advanced case of "Murphy's Law."

And I'm afraid that is incurable.

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