Sunday, February 11, 2007

Now that I've jumped to the defense of an atheist (possibly shocking any readers who think I'm an intolerant Bible-thumping Neanderthal), let me weigh in on the "Pelosi Jet Scandal."

OK, I haven't read every quote on this, and it's possible that Ms. Pelosi's staff (or herself) has made this brouhaha worse by making ill-considered responses (which would only make them akin to any other person who has been verbally attacked), but what the heck is everybody thinking here?

The lady is third in line of succession to the President! What, you want her to fly commercial and be a target for any goon with a box cutter and a messiah complex? You want turn her into a target by sticking her in line at Dulles for two hours waiting to get wanded by the TSA? You want to make all the passengers with her (or on a flight some terrorist imagines her to be on) a target?

The office of the Speaker deserves respect and security. Some say she asked for too extravagant a plane. From what I've been able to read, it sounds more like she just asked for something that could non-stop to the west coast, and somebody lower down inserted a particular model into the discussion, because it was the only thing that they knew that could do it. From all accounts Ms. Pelosi's responses have been very reasonable.

No, I don't like Ms. Pelosi's politics, and I don't agree with her on a wide range of things, but she is the Speaker of the House. She got to that position by the properly working mechanics of our Republic. She deserves the protection that my tax dollars pay for!

For those of you who think I've suddenly converted to the left side of the aisle, that ain't happening. I still have no time for the typical stupidity from the Democratic Party. I have no time for the typical stupidity from the Republican side of the aisle either.

I plain don't have time for stupidity.

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