Monday, April 23, 2007

OK, Sheryl Crow's silliness is being commented on all over

Examples, Ms. Malkin and the Glenn (with many wonderful links from them to others.)

But this does raise and interesting question. As has been pointed out by others, pretty much all wood used by the paper industry is grown for that purpose. Now when you grow a tree, it takes carbon out of the atmosphere, and uses it as a building block for its growth. Then paper manufacturers turn the tree into pulp, and then paper, which means that the carbon is now in the paper.

So here's my question. Since engineers and scientists have been looking for ways to sequester carbon from pollution, and paper is - in part- carbon pulled out of the atmosphere by purpose grown pulp-trees, wouldn't that mean that burying waste paper in landfills is a form of carbon sequestration?

Just a question...

Save the world, stop recycling paper and send it to the dump instead!

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