Monday, June 04, 2007

Minerals from the Harvard Museum of Natural History


large crystal on matrix
Pasta Bueno, Ancash, Peru
Anonymous gift, 1998

catalogue no. 134613

Large plate of Amethyst crystals


pink crystals overgrown on etched cubes
near Rosiclare,
Hardin Co. IL
Acquired 1931

catalogue no. 91435

A beautiful and large green and blue mineral cluster

I missed getting a shot of the display card for this sample, it may be a form of Azurite

A very large group of sulfur crystals

large crystal group
Acquired 1931

catalogue no. 91373

As a change of pace, a group from our church went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History and walked the galleries. Afterward we got together and discussed what we saw and what it meant to us.

A lot more humbling than looking at stained glass...

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