Monday, April 07, 2008

Bombing of London, by Charles Andres

Sad News

I heard today from an old friend, who told me the the illustrator, Charles Andres, who had been my first art teacher in high school, passed away on Friday.

Some of his work can be found here. The interface is a little clunky, but it's worth a look. Choose a 'room' at the top of the image, then you can view the images in that area.

I remember the painting above, Bombing of London from his classroom/studio at Berwick Academy. He used it as an example of how to make contrast and composition work, since it had no color to distract the eye.

He was a man of humor and patience, an excellent teacher whom I did not listen to nearly enough, and from whom I learned more than from any other artist.

image copyright held by the estate of Charles Andres

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Blogger Sleepy said...

Dear Matt - Thank you so very much for what you wrote about my father. The simplicity and modesty of your words tell me they came right from your heart. I'm forwarding the link to the other members of our family. I was deeply touched by your words, as I'm sure the others will be.

I'm glad our dad was one of those rare teachers who can have a lasting impact on the students who are open to them. I'm glad were such a student. I've had a handful of teachers like that. (And like you, Matt, I wish I had paid more attention to them.) -- Susan Andres (Berwick Academy, 1964)

3:49 PM  
Blogger Jerub-Baal said...

You are welcome Susan. My condolences to your family, and my best wishes and hopes for you all. (And if you do see this again, give my best to your youngest brother, my classmate... )

4:29 PM  

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