Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tunnel ceiling panel collapses in Boston, killing 1

Criminal Probe Launched In Deadly Big Dig Collapse

Listening to the Special Report on the news this morning, with the press conference by the NHTSA and the Turnpike Authority, the clueless questions from some (not all) of the reporters trying to wrap their Journalism Degree minds around engineering concepts would have been comical, were this not so tragic. Many conservatives, including myself, rail about the yellow press' sensationalism and scare mongering. Unfortunately, in Massachusetts the various Authorities with their lack of real accountability, (and the nepotism, corruption, and shoddiness that has gone hand in hand with that over the years) give the press real reasons to be scandalized. The "Big Dig" has been an over-budget, over-long, trouble-plagued albatross on the taxpayers of the US (thanks to Teddy Kennedy 'getting our fair share out of Washington').

I think the next few months, we'll be taking the extra 45 minutes on the 128 loop to visit the in-laws on the South Shore.

Better that than the amazing leaking-and-collapsing "Modern Marvel"

The Modern American has more, and a history of the shennanigans and failures surrounding the "Big Dig." This is particularly interesting.

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