Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You really should browse through BibliOdyssey.

Their four most recent posts cover illustrations by Franz Stassen from 1899,

The Book of Examples,

Costume History,

and Comparative Mammalian Anatomy,

I hope they don't mind my purloining some of their hard-found research. Don't settle for the measily amount I have here. BibliOdyssey always has a huge amount of beautiful and arcane imagery.

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Blogger pk said...

Thanks for the kind words Matt but *nothing* I post is mine so purloining is not an issue...at all.

Maybe 1 in 15 posts contains copyright material but I always (I hope) acknowledge that.

I'm a great stickler for accuracy in what I try to do - whether in terms of my summaries of historical material or in relation to attribution.

Because I personally don't generate material per se, it's really really important to me that I do my utmost to 'get it right' - and I'm the first one to admit that I don't always succeed.

I only mention this because the people who produced the wonderful artistic/scientific/historic material are to me the people (alive or dead) to whom we owe our thanks/respect which is an acknowledgement of them as being the producers of the works.

Next in line comes the hosts - the wonderful digitizers and restorers and librarians and institutions (for the mostpart) whose altruistic endeavours mean that the billion people in the web community are able to share the wondrousnesses with a click.

These repositories I believe are owed a great debt and that's why (almost always - at present I'm ransacking a big repository that I haven't formally identified but I will elucidate upon that in a coming post) I'm pretty finicky about properly naming the institutions/sources because: they deserve the credit for their work, a reader can be satisfied as to the bona fides of the material and it also helps other people when they use search engines - organizes the info a bit better.

But anyway, I guess I'm grateful that people seem to like what I find/do but I'm simply a magpie-come-researcher and I'm happy to be linked but in the big scheme I'm definitely not the one that deserves the majority of credit -- [that's an internet phenomenon that really should be toned down in my opinion - eg. kottke may well get good links but it's the content that's of greater importance and not the intermediary, if you catch my drift - not particularly slinging off at JK, but....anyway.....I'm sorry to go on - I just wanted to say that images on my site do not belong to me and feel free to do with them what you will. I like acknowledgement/linkage but I am lowest on the totem pole of moral attributional responsibility.


(now I'll check out the flickrpix!)

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