Saturday, February 11, 2006

More Book Madness

Reviewing “Goya” by Sarah Symmons, Phaidon Art & Ideas series; copyright Phaidon Press Limited, Regent’s Wharf, All Saints Street, London England

Let me begin by saying that I am very pleased and impressed with the Art & Ideas series. All of them that I have browsed have been wonderfully put together for their very affordable prices. “Goya” is the second book from this series that I have purchased (following on the heels of ”The Northern Renaissance”. The reproductions are clear and of great quality and high detail, and the writing is by people with a deep knowledge and love for the subjects. “Goya” is no exception. Ms. Symmons’ writing is thorough, in depth, and accessible. Not only does she cover Francisco Goya’s life in great detail, but she also ties in a history of the prevailing social and political conditions, provides insight into Goya’s character and possible motivations, and highlights the legacy of his work and its continuing impact on artists.

I would highly recommend any of the Art & Ideas series to anyone who, like myself love art and art books, but want to purchase wisely and on a budget. I would especially encourage you to take a look at “Goya,” who is one of my favorite artists.

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