Friday, January 06, 2006

Since my first interest in blogs and blogging four years ago or so, I had been concentrating on political and cultural blogs. Of course, now that I’m doing a blog dealing with art, I’m spending more time looking at Art Blogs. I am finding so many good ones that it’s driving me nuts! I’m going to continue adding stuff to the blogroll, and some (like this) will get added right away because of the quality of artwork. Other stuff will get read for a while and then added, so that I have an idea of what the blog is really about. My hope is that my blogging can be a dialogue. It’s hard to have a dialogue if I’m not listening to other people.

One thing though, I was really intrigued by J.T.Kirkland’s Artists Interview Artists project, and have signed up for that. Now, to think of five questions to ask an artist I haven’t met or seen the work of, questions that won’t be trivial but could work for a realist or abstractionist or, well, whatever….

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