Thursday, January 05, 2006

Those of you who know me, know I am conservative politically, and have been so all of my adult life. However, this is an issue of methodology, not temperament. Go read this post by Sigmund, Carl and Alfred and then the post of the Anchoress which he links to. Both of these posts explain my thoughts far better than I can.

My fear is not that the Democrats would win the Presidency or the Congress, but that the current vituperative atmosphere of blame-shifting, accusation, and posturing in both parties would continue until the popular backlash really does undermine our republic and our freedoms. God, if only (and I mean that as a prayer, not an expletive) Joe Lieberman would be taken seriously by the Democrats, or someone of his character, abilities, and temperament. Then there would be someone that I would have to really think and research before I voted. Imagine actually having to weigh real policy strategies and issues, to think about real matters of substance before going to the voting booth, instead of having to choose against Howlin’ Howard or I-was-for-it-before-I-was-against-it Kerry. (*) We no longer have a government “Of the people, by the people, and for the people,” but of the politics, by the politics, and for the politics, and it is by an large an issue of both parties.

One of my best friends, Chris (who politely declines to bring up politics with me because we disagree so greatly about it and yet is gracious enough to place his friendship with me above such things, setting an example quite the opposite of most members of congress and the media) replied by email to my first post on evolution and creation;

“I love the essay about evolution vs creationism, and I feel the same way. Strange to me that the discussion is even taking place in 2006...seems better suited for 1890. But there we are.”

It seems strange to me that in 2006 during a war against an enemy who chooses to target innocents, wants to destroy freedom of religion, universal sufferage, equal rights, or any of the principles that both parties claim to want to defend, that we are so bent on political bigotry, the cult of personality, and an attitude that places winning office before serving the people. Such things seem better suited to the time of Sforza and Machiavelli.

But there we are.

Pray God we don’t stay there long.

(*) Please note, as I said I'm conservative by nature, which makes my current political default Republican. This does not mean that I'm automatically pleased with every Republican candidate, or the current domestic policies and spending of President Bush, which are decidedly not consevative.

UPDATE I: Go read Peggy Noonan. Again, someone who can say it better than I, and apply it to real life in more effective way.

UPDATE II: This article by James H. Joyner, Jr at TCS Daily; The Triumph of 'angry and Stupid' hits on the same issues.

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