Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

army and occupation, marked matt and marsh and me (dad) numbered 5

my Dad and two others, Army of Occupation, Europe

army and occupation, ernie and another med tech

my Uncle and another Med Tech, possibly at West Point

Carl (Lieut) Nelson

a neighbor to my maternal Great Grandfather, Carl "Lieut" Nelson

Carl Johnson and two Merchant Marines c 1917-19

my maternal Grandfather (on the left) with two other Merchant Marines

anders johnson merchant marine

my Great Uncle in his Merchant Marine uniform

On Saturday, the boys and I went with their Boy Scout troop to place flags at the graves of veterans at the local cemetery. On Monday, the Scouts will march in the city Memorial Day Parade.

I get to be an artist, enjoy the religion of my choice and convictions, and have the hope of a safe future for my children because of all those who have served, are serving now, and who will serve in the future to protect our country.

May God bless them and protect those in the field.

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