Thursday, November 08, 2007

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The State of Massachusetts Cares For You, So Get Insurance, Or Else!

Just got a postcard from my wonderful state, the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.


"The Health Care Reform Law requires most Massachusetts residents age 18 or older to have health insurance. To avoid a penalty of $219 per individual when you file your 2007 Massachusetts income tax return, you must have health coverage by the end of the year. You should enroll in a health plan by November 15th to make sure you do not miss this important deadline. (emphasis in the original ed.)

"The penalty for being uninsured will increase significantly in 2008, accumulating each month you do not have health coverage....

"...The time to act is now!

"If you already have health coverage, please disregard this notice."

Thank you RomneyCare! Remember, there are poor people without health insurance. We need to take care of them by threatening to take their money if they don't do as the wise and benificent state decrees.

It's for the children!

Women and minorities hardest hit!

Insert inane bureaucratic trope here!

I hope Thompson or Giuliani gets the nod, ‘cause I ain’t voting for Romney. He’s Hillary with better hair.

UPDATE: OK, I admit, that last isn't fair. Mr. Romney is (IMHO) vastly more honest, and much more personable that Hillary. He is very politically opportunistic, and he is certainly not what I would consider conservative. He did saddle us with "universal health care". What bothers me the most is the mindset that criminalizes non-compliance.

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