Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Privacy Concerns With Google

(say it isn't so! ed.)

Via Instapundit, the folks at Volokh have this, Google To Track Flu Searches and Report Them to Feds?:

Yeh yeh, so Google is hanging up its "Big Brother is Watching You" posters again, and everyone is worried. There's just one minor thing that Vololk and potentially the Glenn have overlooked.

Human Perversity.

As soon as I finished reading the article, I immediately opened a tab with Google, and typed in the following searches, "flu", "flu flu", "flu flu flu", "nasty avian bird flu", and finally "nasty avian bird flu with birds dropping out of the sky" (which produced about 36,000 results, and the second one actually seemed to fully fit the search terms.)

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