Monday, July 09, 2007


The external hard drive that was my primary repository for all my photos, my family's historic photos, iTunes and suddenly stopped recognizing its directory (or even that it had information written to it). Most stuff is backed up, but not all.

It's now in the hands of a data recovery shop in Boston. A friend recommended the place to me. I will post a review when all is said and done.

(quiet weeping...)

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Blogger Georgfelis said...

I've had *very* good results from SpinRite. It's fairly cheap, you can get it downloaded directly to you when you're having problems, and it has recovered 4/5ths of the disintegrating hard drives I've given to it. Of course, when a drive fails and you recover it to working condition with SpinRite, you should only trust it long enough to get all the files burnt to CD. Twice. And verified. Then put the drive on a shelf and forget it, because it's not good for anything anymore once it starts blowing sectors. :(

8:26 AM  
Blogger Jerub-Baal said...

Thanks georgfelis,

LaCie drives have consistently gotten good reviews from MacWorld (I have an older eMac G4 and a pre-Intel iBook). I would have bought one in the first place but for the price.

Ironically, I'll end up spending the amount for a premium drive by the time I've recovered the info, and I just bought a new LaCie drive, larger than the discount one it replaces, for less than the sales price of the discount drive (when I bought it).


9:48 AM  

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