Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Going through my old sketchbooks I found this...

head of a young woman, after Michelangelo, copyright 2004 MJAndrade

I had done this in a sketching session with a private student I had two summers ago. Looking at it I realized that it is the only piece of sketch-work I had done in years just for the sake of sketching. All of my drawing has been subservient to my painting projects. It really felt like I had lost my chops. Yesterday I did the 'Deacon' of the previous post. Now I've decided to sketch every day for at least an hour. Below are the most recent. I will post new ones (of quality) as they are finished.

Head from the Gallery of Kings, Notre Dame, Paris - copyright 2006 MJAndrade - #2 5mm lead on paper with dark sketching lead

the Prophet Haggai, copyright 2006 MJAndrade - Gioconda conte pencils on paper

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