Sunday, December 09, 2007

Can the Press Actually Think and Do Their Jobs?

Watching the 10:00 News, and they are covering Oprah's backing of Mr. Obama.

Some reporter goes out on the street and asks a woman (only person interviewed, gee, no stereotyping or sexist thinking here) if Oprah can "tell her" how to vote.

Oprah is endorsing a candidate. She's not commanding anyone how to vote! There are candidates I like. If I share that with people, does the press think I'm telling them how to vote? Does the press think that Oprah has some strange magical compulsion over the people who watch her show? What kind of idiot asks such a gotcha question thinking that they are going to reveal some sort of truth by it?

I don't agree with Oprah, but after watching the news, I feel I have to defend her.

Well, that's one upside to the corruption and ineptitude of the press. It creates bipartisanship!

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