Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An Embarrasment of Riches

I spend a lot of time doing research on the internet. I probably fall into one of these two catagories. One of the by-products of doing so much of my research online is that I end up with hundreds upon hundreds of bookmarks. These need to be reorganized at least once a year. This morning I spent at least ninety minutes creating new folders, sorting and shifting links around, et cetera.

On the off-chance that I've found some information useful to others, here's a brief (but by-no-means complete) account.

New Master Catagory "Art Info and Art Blogs" which contains folders with the following titles;

"Art Best Blogs", which includes BibliOdyssey, lines and colors, Thinking About Art, and David Byrne Journal (the former lead singer for the Talking Heads), amongst others

"Art Blogs"

"Art Business Opportunities and Information"

"Art Galleries Boston", which includes Gallery NAGA, Arden Gallery (Boston home to Fred Wessel [warning, some nudity]), and Pucker Gallery (Boston home to Samuel Bak, amongst others

"Art Galleries, Other", including Glass Garage Gallery

"Art Local", with, Universal Hub and more

and "Art Research" which has subfolders on artist's websites, Museum links, Architectural research sites, and online image libraries, enough info for several posts all on its own.

A reorganized Master Category "News & Blogs" with the following sub-folders;

"My Blogs and Websites and Related" with this Blog, my professional website, and my Flickr Photo Site

A new folder, "A-List" with A-List bloggers like Instapundit and All Things Beautiful

Another new folder, "Cartoonists" with The Dilbert Blog, Cox & Forkum Editorial Cartoons, Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index, Day By Day by Chris Muir, Sluggy Freelance, and ::iLL WiLL PreSS (warning, some salacious content and strong language on that last one)

Another new folder, "New England Bloggers" with Neo-Neocon, Sissy Willis (or Sisu), Kobayashi Maru, and Assistant Village Idiot

"Daily Reads" a folder with the likes of Dinocrat, Eteraz, and IMAO and more

Yet another new folder for "Psyc Bloggers (non NE)" with Dr. Helen, Dr. Sanity, ShrinkWrapped, and Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

Another new folder for "Cultural Magazines and Morals Blogging" with The Anchoress, La Shawn Barber's Corner, Gagdad Bob (One Cosmos), In Character - A Journal of Everyday Virtues (highly recommended), The Wilson Quarterly (also highly recommended) and more

"Bi-Daily" a folder for more blogs

"Big Media", which is just what it sounds like, with OpinionJournal, TCS: Tech Central Station, and others

"Science Fiction Author Blogs" with Chris Dolley and Jerry Pournelle

A new folder "Pure Writers" with Lileks and Roger L. Simon

"Medieval Blogging" which is something of a misnomer, as many of the blogs in this folder (like Glauk├┤pidos: An Anachronism in Modernity and Fascinating History cover more than just the medieval era

Another new folder "Straight Middle East Commentary" with Michael J. Totten, Iraq the Model and Daniel Pipes, this is a folder that deserves being filled out, as there more good information out there, in spite of negative spin of the Main Stream Media

and finally, "Games and General Information" with things like Maps, Weather and Airports for Malmo, Sweden (and you can search from there for similar info on other locations) and the IRIS Seismic Monitor. If you want to waste time in online games (like mahjong, one of my guilty pleasures) you can do a web-search on your own.

My hope in all of this is that I can find info more easily. In the future, I will do a post on the Art and Art Research side of things, as there are some truely wonderful resources on the net.

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