Thursday, April 20, 2006

Very First VW Beetle Found Near Frankfurt

I heard in the News recently that the very first Volkswagen Beetle to be manufactured in post-war Germany had been found as part of the estate of an elderly gentleman near Frankfurt. It had been 'retired' in a barn for the last few years, but was in perfect working order when the owner's heirs came to pick it up.

The history of the car is as unique as the condition in which it was found. When it was first rolled off of the assembly line, it realized the great emotional and political burden that had been placed on it's round little top. So it was very careful to always obey the traffic laws, especially in countries that had suffered under the invasion of Germany. It viewed itself as an ambassador for the new, and more peaceable Germany. Unlike the rude and loud Renaults, Fiats and Citroens that soon charged down the highways of Europe, it was always slow and cautious and ever so polite, patiently waiting at crosswalks for pedestrians and never ever beeping its horn. Above all, it prided itself as being the most dependable, if humble transportation that its owner could ever want.

Thus no one was surprised that it started immediately and still had its shiny black paint that looked fresh from the factory, because everyone knows that there is no rust for the wary.



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